Some of the Daily activities at the Adult Care Center include:



Purpose: To promote mental stimulation, eye and hand coordination, comprehension of numbers, socialization and enjoyment.

Procedure: We play three games per round. Last game is always a full card. Everybody plays with quarters or some play for chocolate and fun. No gambling involved. We have a bingo machine and ball holder. We divide money into three pots (quarter per card). Person who wins gets the money from that pot. We have bingo cards with enlarged print for visually impaired clients. We also have cards with sliders for limited range of motion in hands. Clients pick their cards according to their needs and we play “bingo” for at least 45min-1hr. It is also based on client preference. The majority of our clients at our center enjoy Bingo and they do not want to replace this game for any other game. A Program worker calls Bingo and other two activity workers and a volunteer assist clients with their numbers.

Outcome: Clients enjoy the game and it is a mentally stimulating game. It stimulates their audio, visual, texture, etc. senses and ultimately mental stimulation and socialization in a safe environment.

Goal: is to provide mental stimulation, socialization, a recreational enjoyment in a safe environment.




Objective:To promote physical activity and enjoyment

Equipment: a basketball hoop, balls, score keeping sheet.

Procedure: Program workers set the portable basketball hoop in the activity hall.

Goal: To stimulate physical and mental well being among our clients. 



 Fashion Show

Objective:To enhance stimulation via various textile colours, texture and designs.

Procedure: A volunteer from community or a worker brings traditional clothing from his/her ethnic background. He/she arranges clothes on a table. Clients get to see, touch, and experience various clothing and scarves. Volunteer and staff try on different clothing and jewellery for the show.

Goal: To stimulate senses of touch and sight among our clients. 

Presently Pam brings her clothes, shoes and jewellery from India for the fashion show. Clients enjoy the bright colours, silk and other textile texture, and designs. They also get demonstration of how to wrap a “Sari”. Staff joins in to try various garments and all of us have lots of fun and laughter in the afternoon.

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